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Built for visual learners

Built for visual learners

To maximize the potential for success among young athletes, we recognize that 65% of them are visual learners. In light of this, we have ensured that all of our content is presented in stunning 4k video format, allowing for an immersive and unparalleled learning experience. source

New content uploaded weekly

By joining even just one live coaching session per week during the summer, goalies can reinforce the skills they've learned and ensure they don't fade away. Plus, as Netmindr continues to grow and expand its content, the platform will become increasingly valuable to goalies, parents, and coaches alike. So not only will kids have a powerful tool for skill development, but they'll also have access to a growing library of resources designed to help them stay at the top of their game


Struggling with a skill? Search it and instantly find solutions 

With our convenient built-in search function, you'll never have issues finding specific skill videos or the right technique to fix that pesky habit causing goals against

Strength & Conditioning programs

Netmindr is a year-round platform offering strength and conditioning programs for different age groups. The best goalies in the world build their strength away from the ice as much as possible - our goal is to provide those resources to you. All programs are designed for goalies with and without access to a gym. Crafted by industry experts who train professional and Olympic athletes, we've developed programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Start building your strength and stamina now!


learn every on ice skill

Netmindr revolutionizes goalie training, delivering an immersive skill development experience through high-resolution 4k video formats. Elevate your game with in-depth guidance, progressing seamlessly from foundational skills to advanced techniques. Tailored season-specific training programs cater to various age and skill levels, guaranteeing personalized attention for each goalie. Success on the ice is no longer a goal; it's an achievable reality with Netmindr's comprehensive and personalized training approach.

Nutrition insights

Netmindr helps parents understand how to properly fuel their child's body for optimal performance on the ice. Proper nutrition can also aid in injury prevention and help with recovery time.

Mental Performance Programs

Mental Performance Programs

Netmindr offers mental performance programs tailored to different age groups. Now, goalies can gain expert insight on how to deal with a bad goal against, bounce back from a bad game, all while gaining invaluable skills on maintaining the best long term mindset for success. All programs are led by Charles Fitzsimmons, a PhD in sports psychology and a professional golfer who has worked with NHL, PGA, and numerous other elite athletes. Charles will be live streaming every month to answer questions and go through mock scenarios to help goaltenders and parents.


We take away all of the guessing and have answers to all of your questions. Netmindr dives deep into how to buy new and used equipment, how to ensure everything fits properly, while showing you how to put on every piece of goalie equipment.


Youth hockey development programs with drills

Netmindr's development plans are crafted carefully to ensure every goalie has the best chance to develop throughout their minor hockey career. Enjoy curated videos for specific times during the season while leveraging live illustrated drills to thrive on the ice.

Programs are designed for the following age categories:

  • U7 to U10

  • U11 to U13

  • U14 to U16+

Skills and drills are split into two month segments during the season:

  • October to November

  • December to January

  • February to March

  • Off season guidance

Save videos to your own custom playlists to take to the ice with you that evening - allowing for quick retrieval of skill demos and illustrated drills.

Practice plans to ensure consistent development

Netmindr teaches goalies how to select one or two key skills and use specific drills in

practice to elevate their game to a championship level. Additionally, drills will be available for coaches to utilize in their practice plans, ensuring that goalies get the most out of their practices.

insight to navigate the goalie-parent life plus free access to our community section

insight to navigate the goalie-parent life plus free access to our community section

Netmindr covers how to be a goalie parent, navigate rep hockey levels, handle the car ride home after bad games and much more. The parent section also allows parents to track their child's progress and communicate with coaches to ensure they are getting the most out of their training.

Enjoy the Netmindr community section, similar to a Facebook page, where we will answer any question you may have. No more having to navigate google while searching for the right answer from a reputable source.

Unlimited Memberships

Annual Membership

Get full access to Netmindr including:

  • Stay updated with new weekly skill videos

  • Boost your mental game with mental performance programs

  • Get nutritional insight from industry experts

  • HD videos to learn every on-ice skill

  • Learn gear sizingfitting, and customization.

  • Free access to all live streams featuring industry experts

  • Full access to Netmindr's Community for quick answers to your questions

  • Look out for strength & conditioning in 2024.

  • Parent's guide to goalie life.

  • Explore the pro goalie lifestyle behind the scenes.

... and much more! Netmindr takes pride in constantly adding new content to educateentertain and inspire the next generation of talented goaltenders!

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Monthly Membership

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